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BioNutrient Solutions design, manufacture and supply a comprehensive range of high quality Biological Fertilisers for agricultural production. Our fertilisers are manufactured locally to maximize your farming potentialruralimages1 bartanddarrenhart10001. Our Carbon Farming Systems® promote soil health and have been developed to support the principle of profitable, sustainable production, maximizing your return on investment (ROI) potential.

BioNutrient Solutions is one of the leading Biological fertiliser companies in Australia. Our success is based on our knowledge of microbially enhanced fertiliser production that works in the paddock. We achieve agricultural production with lower input costs, higher yields and enhanced soil health.

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Winter Cropping Program

Winter Cereal Crop Program

The BioNutrient Solutions Winter Cropping program gives growers and consultants a set of tools and product which give you more control to make the correct decision at the correct time.

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Going Liquid

Going Liquid

Learn how simple and cost effective liquid fertiliser application and setup is. Follow our step by step system detailing the planting program, inputs and equipment needed to achieve improved crop results this season.
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Liquid Application Made Easy

winterprogramphoto BNSEasyflo is a liquid injection distribution kit specifically designed to apply liquid products.
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Sampling Procedures

 SAP sampling procedure 
Easy to follow guidelines designed to ensure sampling is accurate and reliable.

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Our Products

Our products incorporate high quality ingredients and microbial inoculants combined to maximize yield, crop quality and soil health.

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Top Products

What to use for winter cropping:

CerealRS  is a unique blend of macro and micro nutrients designed to promote rapid early root response in cereals

LegumesRS is a specific nutrient mix designed to enhance an early root response in Legumes.

CalPac can be used at planting or as a foliar during the season on cereals and legumes. Available calcium works in the soil and plant to improve the uptake and utilisation of nutrients.